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Please support us at Go Fresh! We are a sustainable agriculture farm located in Maun, Botswana, dedicated to improving both the quality of life for people and the environment.


As an award-winning hydroponic farm, we employ over 40 people from our community, 80% of whom are women and heads of household. We believe in preserving our natural resources - growing superior quality vegetables with a fraction of the land and water compared to traditional farming. By supporting our GoFundMe campaign, you will enable us to embark on several necessary infrastructure projects, such as fencing our new plot, refreshing our growing technology, increasing our solar energy production, enabling us to enter the agrotourism space, and providing necessary benefits to our team.


We are fundraising to take Go Fresh! to the next level. Your generosity will allow us to expand our solar power system, and enable us to implement environmentally conscious methods, including composting, regenerative farming, and biochar technologies. This funding will also help us to secure our tourism license to offer catered accommodation on the farm. Additionally, our GoFundMe campaign will directly impact our team, enabling us to implement health and safety programs for our growers, purchase new reflective uniforms, and offer free private health clinic visits. Please give generously and help us make a lasting, positive impact on the environment and the lives of our incredible team.

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