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About Us

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At Go Fresh! Botswana, our vision is to improve quality of life for people and the environment by using technology to do what was previously unimaginable: grow Grade 1 fresh vegetables all year round. We believe in preserving our natural resources by using hydroponics and controlled environment greenhouses to grow superior quality produce using a fraction of the land, and a fraction of the water compared to traditional shade net and irrigated open-field farming. 

We seek to provide you with the freshest, tastiest locally grown produce. Our produce is harvested when it is perfectly ripe just before it is delivered to your local supermarket, restaurant or doorstep, preserving the best flavors and nutrients for you. 


Go Fresh! grows vegetables without depending on soil and uses only 2% of the water compared to field-grown crops. Nor do we rely on the weather, allowing us to provide you with fresh produce all year round. The Go Fresh! hydroponic greenhouse system uses world-class technology to control all aspects of growing conditions. The system conserves water, minimizes the use of fertilizers and generates an average 100 times crop yield per square meter when compared to traditional open-field farming. In addition, Go Fresh! reduces the cost and carbon footprint of your vegetables by virtually eliminating transportation. You get fresher, tastier produce while helping to conserve Botswana's precious resources. 


Through Go Fresh! Family Packs, consumers in select neighborhoods in Gaborone and Maun can get home delivery of fresh produce. 

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Go Fresh! is deeply committed to giving back to our communities. In addition to creating over 100 new agriculture jobs at our Maun and Gaborone operations, we commit 10% of our profits to corporate social responsibility through the
Travel for Impact Fund  and our partnership with the Masire Foundation .
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